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Upper Lip Wrinkles

Upper lip wrinkles, also referred to as “Smoker’s Lines”

Ageing often involves the upper lip and the area around the mouth often creating an undesirable appearance especially combined with shrinkage of lip tissues that occur with age. Time, sun exposure, heredity factors and  exposure to cigarette smoke often causes small vertical lines and wrinkles to often form around the upper lip but can also affect the lower lip.  Clients who are smokers need to stop or modify their smoking frequency.  Dr. Berry advises all our clients to stop smoking.   All clients need to use a good sun block. Treatment options include wrinkle reduction injections, fillers, chemical peels and laser treatments which can all complement each other.

Wrinkle reduction injections performed above the border of the upper lip minimize worsening of the lines due to movement. Fillers (The Ageless Skin Clinic uses Juvederm), add volume and so soften the lines. Chemical peels stimulate new collagen production and improve the skin texture of the area resulting in younger looking skin. No down time is involved.

(1) "Resurfacing" (wounding) the upper lip can be achieved with a chemical peel or a lazer treatment.  Both are designed to some degree to create a wound in the epidermis & dermis, and stimulate the skin to produce new skin cells, including collagen and epidermis, ie, brand new skin which aims to be smoother and healthier than the old skin.  Some downtime may be required.  Our clinic does not perform lazer treatments presently.

(2) "Fillers" such as Juvederm, add volume and help soften lines and address tissue loss.  There is usually no downtime with this but it has limited effects on fine wrinkles.

Both (1) and (2) complement each other. A consultation with a qualified physician to help determine the pros and cons for each individual patient is necessary.

 Dr. Berry recommends to do wrinkle reduction treatment (done right above the border of the lip) in order to minimize further movement-induced worsening of the lines in this area. Then, Dr. Berry performs a series of peels. Any remaining lines are filled in with a very smooth fine filler. Alternatively, the peel stage can be omitted, the client just having the wrinkle reduction and filler treatments. Good results are still achieved with  this option. Of note,we do not provide Fraxel treatments at our clinic at the present time.

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