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BHRT Hormone Management

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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

 Dr. Susan Berry 

Do you suffer from hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, anxiety, insomnia, irritability, depression, memory lapses, difficulty focusing, difficulty coping, frequent urinary tract infections, fatigue, vaginal dryness and weight gain? Have you been previously coping with a demanding career and now are often in floods of tears? Have you previously been juggling many roles competently….wife, mother, care giver for ageing parents, home maker, work etc., etc., and now feel unable to juggle all of these challenges. These symptoms may be caused by the Peri-menopause or Menopause. These symptoms can significantly affect the quality of one’s life, work performance and relationships. Conventional HRT (i.e. non bio-identical HRT Hormone Replacement Therapy) can be associated with substantial risks. Conventional HRT utilizes oral equine Oestrogen (derived from horses) and usually synthetic Progesterone, both of which differ chemically from the natural hormones a woman produces throughout her life time.

Menopause is defined as the cessation of the production of Oestrogens and Progesterone by the ovaries causing one year or more without menstrual bleeding. Hormone deficiencies can have pleiotrophic deleterious effects on the cardiovascular, neuro-cognitive and musculoskeletal systems. The Peri-menopause and Menopause is associated with loss of bone density and the development of several risk factors for cardiovascular disease. One has to remember that more women die from heart disease than breast cancer. Lifestyle changes are of paramount importance. That is, smoking cessation, alcohol intake within safe limits, weight reduction if overweight, regular aerobic exercise etc. The effect these lifestyle factors have on one’s health cannot be under estimated. At The Ageless Medical Clinic, we will address the various risk factors associated with the Peri-menopause and Menopause as part of a comprehensive assessment. Our goal is hormone optimization with a focus on physical and emotional wellness.

In the UK the average age at which women reach the Menopause is 52. Some women can go through the menopause earlier. A menopause before the age of 45 is an ‘early’ or ‘premature’ menopause. Current studies consistently conclude that the benefits of estrogen and progesterone replacements are optimized when started early.

Bio-identical HRT (BHRT) is identical in chemical structure to those produced in a woman’s own body (derived from plant sources such as a wild yams and soya beans), unlike conventional HRT. Although BHRT is natural, it is important to appreciate that too much of any hormone can cause side effects and be dangerous, therefore regular hormone monitoring is of the utmost importance. Hormone therapy is therefore customized to the individual patient based on symptoms, past medical history and blood results. The BHRT is prescribed exclusively for the patient with a focus on the alleviation of symptoms and safety.

Of note, is that many drug companies in the US are now selling FDA-approved bio-identicals and many US Physicians now prescribe FDA -approved bio-identicals. For those of you who are interested in a literature review,  may I suggest taking a look at The Fournier study, in the International Journal of Cancer 2005 which evaluated 54,000 women who used bio-identical Oestrogen and were either taking bio-identical (b/i) Progesterone or synthetic Progestin (conventional HRT). The women taking b/i Progesterone had a 10% decrease in risk of breast cancer and the women taking artificial Progestin had a 40% increase in the risk of breast cancer. The de Lignieres study from Climacteric 2002 concludes that the risk of breast cancer is not increased with b/i hormones but is increased with synthetic Progestin. These studies are examples of documented scientific evidence that the major problem with synthetic HRT is the synthetic Progestin. These are just 2 studies. There are many other references to scientific studies which can be provided to interested clients. 

If you think you may be experiencing symptoms of the Peri-menopause or Menopause, please call our clinic to arrange a consultation. The first consultation will be of  60 minutes and will consist of a sensitive discussion of all your symptoms. A confidential and detailed medical questionnaire will already have been completed by you on line prior to this first consultation. In addition, a blood kit will already have been sent to you and the results will be available also at the first consultation. Based on your symptoms and these results, an individualized treatment plan will be formulated. Regular monitoring and follow up is an essential part of the program. BHRT is prescribed individually for the patient with a focus on the alleviation of symptoms and safety. Dr. Berry uses a reputable London laboratory for a blood panel and a London Compounding Pharmacy for the formulation of the BHRT. Our clients all receive appropriate counseling and have the opportunity to ask questions. Our goal is hormone optimization with a focus on physical and emotional wellness.

Dr. Susan Berry is a GP with over 25 years experience and is also a member of the British Menopause Society. Dr. Berry would be more than happy to discuss your symptoms and formulate an individualized treatment program for you at her clinic. She has lived in Hong Kong for 17 years where she practised as a full time GP and also lived in  the US for 6 years where she gained a Masters in Law.  Dr. Berry is also a member of The American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine. She regularly attends many Anti-Ageing conferences in the US and other international conferences. Dr. Berry is a great advocate of BHRT, as she herself uses the treatment and is personally aware of the great benefits.

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