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Thank you for visiting The Ageless Skin Clinic website. It is our mission to provide you with the latest wellness and anti-ageing treatments as well as the safest, most up to date skin treatments tailored to your specific needs. A healthy body and radiant, youthful looking skin is our goal for you. At the Ageless Skin Clinic, we focus on quality and client satisfaction with a holistic approach to anti-ageing.

Most men and women motivated by work related reasons as well as social and personal satisfaction are looking to enhance their personal appearance and attractiveness.  Implementation of our non-invasive treatments with no down time will help clients achieve these goals. In these modern and competitive times, to look and be your best is essential. For many people, one's appearance affects the way one feels and thus one's confidence. The Ageless Skin & Wellness Clinic can perform a skin analysis and thus assess your individual needs. Using the latest scientific and medical advances in Anti-ageing technology we aim to
make you look and feel at your best.

The ageing process is a dynamic, continuing gradual process. No single treatment option is usually able to address all the various factors of ageing and provide a complete solution to any single individual patient need. Thus in general, most patients will be advised to have a series of treatments which will be tailored to patient need and outcome expectation. Achieving a more youthful and healthy looking you is our main goal. 

 Skin Care Program

The ageing process is a mixture of accumulated external damage (sun,wind,smog,tobacco, alcohol,etc.)
together with loss of collagen, elastin and ground substance in the dermis and epidermis, with a loss of facial fat and facial volume. Ageing will compromise facial dimensions with a resulting less attractive appearance. Gravity naturally plays its part in assisting ageing. At The Ageless Skin Clinic, we will recommend some highly active cosmecutical skin preparations that can assist in slowing down the ageing process. We particularly favour the ZO range by Dr. Obagi, the Neostrata range and SkinCeuticals. We also provide comprehensive skin care options for ethnic clients for whom hyperpigmentation may be a problem.   We can tailor an individual skin program designed to keep you looking at your best. Looking youthful and healthy is the perfect combination for a great life and success in all you wish to accomplish. 

We invite you to make an appointment for a skin analysis so our medical doctor can assess your  treatment needs. Remember, our goal is a radiant, more youthful looking healthy you. Call and make an appointment today!

Life is for living… live it to the full, and be the best you can be inside and out!

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